Though our lives, whenever we tell people about our next upcoming adventure, or our previous ones, people constantly say the same thing: “I wish I could do something like that”. After a decade of making amazing international trips happen for ourselves, we decided to help others do the same. That was the original concept for

Mission (click to read)
To help people think outside the box and travel to places unknown, and while doing that to give back to the world and our community.

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Trampoozing is more than just traveling to amazing places around the world though. Trampoozing is an immersion into new cultures, experiences that shatter our previous socially conditioned thought processes, and an opportunity to give back more than we take. This is why we make traveling such a high priority in our lives. It is almost impossible to understand until you help a guy load 200 lbs worth of alpaca ponchos on top of a bus, or get tear gassed while rioting with the Egyptians for their freedom. Until you have hung out with families that have less to their name than most of us do in our couch cushions and realize that they have something we don’t in a more developed nation – true happiness. It is mind blowing to realize that these people have real problems, no money, and no safety net that comes with an economically developed society, but they don’t need pills to fall asleep, or Prozac to get going in the morning. It is not about tanning on the beach at some tropical resort, or partying until the sun rises. Sure, those things happen, but that is not the reason we do this. We have found that it is 10x more rejuvenating to experience the personal growth that comes from traveling with a cause.

Choose the right gear for your trip

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Adventure Riding Cross Country

One of the most important aspects of any adventure is the Gear.  Alex is known for his thorough use (some might call abuse) of gear, and Dan is fond of saying “Its not about weather, its about the right gear”.  So between the two of us, we have purchased and used a lot of gear throughout the years during our travels.


Current Mission

This is by far the most ambitious adventure we have attempted to manifest in our lives to date. We decided to make this trip happen on Jan 1st 2015, giving us exactly 120 days to pull all of this off. There are a lot of moving parts to this one, so lets break the trip down into sections.

south america image


Ride Motorcycles across South America from Cartagena, Colombia to Rio Brazil.

Check off some epic bucket list items, Machu Picchu, Torres Del Paine…Along the way we will get involved with the locals and visit some worthwhile causes.

Attempt to pay for the whole trip through some traditional Hartsough family style sustainable travel.

Videotape the journey so that we can make a documentary.

We plan on spending 45ish days Trampoozing South America; camping, staying in hostels, and lodging with locals.  

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