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One of the most important aspects of any adventure is the Gear.  Alex is known for his thorough use (some might call abuse) of gear, and Dan is fond of saying “Its not about weather, its about the right gear”.  So between the two of us, we have purchased and used a lot of gear throughout the years during our travels.

Our goal is to help you, as our readers choose the most economical, best built gear, produced by manufactures that back up their products, and sold by retailers that do the same.

We want to offer the knowledge we have gained about products with our readers. We will include reviews on our own personal use of each of these items, as well as include a Trampooz Stamp of approval (Placeholder for image of Stamp) once an item has made it through a complete field test by one, if not both of us.  We can pretty much guarantee that if Alex cant break it & Dan can’t find flaws with its technical use, then it will probably do the job for you as well.  We will also include tips and mistakes we have figured out during our field-testing.

There are of course other very good products out there, but these are the ones that we have used.  We only promote Manufacturers, Retailers and Products that we believe in. If a product has our stamp on it, (Placeholder for image of Stamp), it is because we know from personal experience that it will do the job at or better than what the manufacturer has promised.  If we are promoting a retailer it is because we know that they stand by their guarantees, give their customers the best prices they can, and support the products they sell with more than just words.  The Manufacturers that we promote are the best in their areas, they back up their products, over promise on their guarantees, and have excellent customer service.

 If you have a tip or an opinion about one of the products, retailers, or manufactures we promote, please share your thoughts and opinions with us and other readers.

If you are a Manufacture/Retailer of Motorcycle or Travel gear and would like us to test out your products, please send us an email at and we will get in contact with you.


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