Explorer Adventure Helmet



The Pros of the Explorer Adventure Helmet from BILT include; good lens visibility, comfortable inside liner padding, sexy dual sport shaping, meeting or exceeding DOT standards for less than $200 USD.



The helmet visor on the Explorer Adventure is dangerous at speeds over 55 mph.  It was the nosiest helmet we tested, and it fogged up so bad I had to find the closest Cycle Gear store on a cross-country tour to exchange it.

The Verdict:

8.4/1084 Rate

The Explorer Adventure Helmet from BILT is a great value for a dual-sport motorcycle helmet, but does not meet the needs for our trip to South America.


The Explorer Helmet from BILT is a solid, DOT certified, dual sport motorcycle helmet.  Made for tearing up the dirt roads and then finding your way home on the side streets.  This helmet is comfortable over long periods as long as you keep the speed to less than 55 mph.


The visibility of the clear lens is excellent, the inside liner padding was comfortable for all day riding.  The drop down sun visor and “Removable injection molded peak”, coupled with a sexy dual sport oblong pointed shape make this a great buy for under $200.

With the package deal offered from Cycle Gear we paid $99 for the Explorer Adventure helmet.  Some might be weary of such a deal, especially since all of the other helmets we tested are 5-7 times more expensive.  But with Cycle Gears guarantees there is absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn’t go out and try this dual sport helmet out first before purchasing anything else.  If it works for your needs, great, you just scored a great helmet with a solid 5-year warranty from a very reputable company that has been around since 1974.

The Explorer Adventure helmet did not meet all our requirements for a “do anything, ride anywhere in the world” motorcycle helmet.  But we would recommend the helmet for any looking for an off the highway dual sport helmet.  Especially at $199 USD or less with Cycle Gears guarantee you really can’t go wrong if you pick this helmet up.

Warranty & Customer Service (10/10)

The Explorer Adventure Helmet from BILT comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty.  The Explorer Adventure Helmet is also backed by the Cycle Gear 30 day best price guarantee; their no hassle return or exchange policy, as well as the ability to exchange the helmet for 7 days no questions asked.  That along makes this helmet worth trying out.  If you don’t like it, exchange it for another till you find the perfect one for you.


This is the best warranty/guarantee on motorcycle gear we have encountered.  We support these guys because we are both major users, (maybe a little bit of abusers) of their policies, and have never once had any issues returning a product, or getting reimbursed for a price match weeks after purchase.

Bang for Your Buck (10/10)

The BILT, Explorer Adventure Helmet is a total steal compared to the other helmets we tested.  At the $99 price we paid for the Explorer Adventure helmet, you could buy 5 or more of any of the other helmets we tested.  For an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, DOT Certified, dual sport helmet, the Explorer Adventure helmet is a great deal for the price.

Ventilation & Noise (6/10)

The Explorer Adventure Helmet has good ventilation, with easy to use tabs for working the vents and drop down sun visor.  During the 700 miles we put into this helmet, the Explorer Adventure fogged up only minimally in all but rainy conditions.

Taking this helmet on the highway with the “injection molding peak” attached is highly discouraged.  While traveling 700 miles between San Antonio, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona we had no choice other than to hit highways with 80 MPH speed limits with the “injection molding peak” attached.  The helmet caught the wind like a sail, tossing my head around like a rag doll.  It felt like someone was constantly smacking the side of the helmet from all directions.

Which brings us to another small grip about the helmet.  The visor system is attached with a star bit screw, which I both failed to realize I needed and didn’t come with the helmet.  It was a very long 2 days till I was able to find the right tool in nowhere Texas.

Even once the “injection molding peak” was removed, any thought of attempting to use the Bluetooth for directions was senseless.  The Explorer Adventure helmet did however perform sufficiently for the remaining 300 miles till I ran into a patch of rain just outside of Phoenix, Az.  The lens on the helmet became so foggy; I had to leave it almost completely open for the last 10 miles to the closest Cycle Gear store.  Fortunately the guys there are amazing.  They had me in a different helmet and back on the road in less than 30 minutes.

The Explorer Adventure Helmet is a solid helmet, it was just not made for high-speed, long distance world travel.

Features (7/10)

The Explorer Adventure Helmet comes with some nice features including an integrated spring-loaded drop down sun visor.  The visor drops down with a sliding tab constantly under tension ready to retract with the push of a button.  The clear removable face shield has dual over hanging lips on either side of the lens near the center.  These give the rider the capability to lift the shield with either hand completely gloved.

The “Removable injection molded peak” or visor attached to the top of the helmet is great for off-road riding.  The visor is key for hitting trails, especially here in WA where there shadows from the trees can really throw perspective off.  This is a feature that neither of the helmets we chose to take with us down to South America includes, but I really wish they did.

The Explorer Adventure did include a Pinlock system or chin curtain like most of the other models we compared. But for $199 USD it is one hell of a dual sport motorcycle helmet.

Safety & Comfort (9/10)

The Explorer Helmet has an injection molded ABS plastic shell that meets or exceeds DOT Standards.  Over a 3-day period I wore the BILT Explorer helmet for a little more than 700 miles.  Riding conditions ranged from 5 degrees below freezing, to 80 degrees and sunny.  Other than the difficulties with the “Removable injection molded peak”, and the loud noise at high speeds, the Explorer helmet was very comfortable.

The Explorer Adventure helmet comes with completely removable, washable expanded polystyrene liner and padding.  I also found that if I did not wear a liner type beanie over my ears they would get pinched while putting the helmet on.  Once the helmet was in place though it was comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Manufacture Description

BILT Explorer Adventure Helmet

The road calls to all of us, but sometimes the adventure takes you places that the road can’t. If you find yourself on fire trails, single-track, or anything in-between, make sure that you are dressed for the quest. The BILT Explorer Adventure Helmet is feature packed with great ventilation, a drop-down tinted sun visor, and more making it ready to go wherever you want to.
Features and Benefits

  • Hi-tech injection molded ABS shell
  • Quality paint with double lacquer or flat matte finish
  • Full-face solid shell
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Quick release clear visor fitted as standard
  • Separate flip-down tinted sun visor
  • Removable injection molded peak
  • Chin-bar airflow vent with metal mesh
  • Removable air-flow comfort padded lining
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards

About the Brand


Cycle Gear knows that finding good gear at a reasonable price is often hard. That is why they are proud to be the exclusive retailer of BiLT motorcycle apparel.  BiLT provides high quality motorcycle apparel that performs as good as it looks. Starting life as an off-road apparel company,  BiLT now offers full lines of helmets, jackets, pants, suits, boots, gloves, and more for off-road, street, and adventure riding men and women.  All BiLT motorcycle apparel comes with an industry leading 5-year guarantee letting you ride with confidence.